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  1. Doctor Riley's Catholic Confession: [Nun Sex/Naughty Nuns] (Doctor Sex Exam, Doctor Sex Play, Doctor/Patient Romance, Older Man Younger Woman, Taboo Book 3)

    Doctor Riley has been naughty! He decides to visit the parish to seek redemption from his recent transgressions. When he arrives Sister Kate offers him counsel. She is the head Sister. A good Catholic woman. The doctor is certain that speaking with her will help him feel better. To his surprise, the Sister has another agenda. Her idea of counsel involves tantalizing seduction and forbidden pleasure! The doctor wants redemption, but the temptation may be too difficult for him to resist. This is a confession that Doctor Riley will most certainly never forget! This book contains explicit and graphic sexual content, and is centered around the doctor-patient, nun sex, and older man-younger woman erotica themes. It is not suitable for audiences under the age of 18!

    • ASIN: B07F9LWC6Q
  2. The Naughty Nun: Erotic 5-Pack - Explicit Erotica

    The Naughty Nun: Erotic 5-Pack 20,000 words, is a collection of five previously published erotic stories which describe the very special “Community Service” provided by Mother Superior and the sisters of the Convent of Perpetual Hole. Contains: catholic erotica, multiple partner sex, erotic foursomes, harness with vibrator sex, knotted string orgasm, spanking, bondage, hooding, gagging, vaginal, oral and anal sex. All Characters are 18 and above. Adult 18SAMPLEMother Superior Does The VaticanSister Mary Immaculate stared in wonder at her surroundings as Father Giacomo led her, Mother Superior and Father Gordon through the living museum that was Vatican City. She felt as though if she blinked she might miss something magnificent. The Vatican had everything she had always associated with the glory of her faith.Father Giacomo had been charged with investigating the “Community Service” activities that Mother Superior’s convent had introduced to solve the little problems of certain North American archdiocese. He had invited Mother Superior, and whomever she wanted to bring with her, to demonstrate their solutions to the problems faced by the worldwide church. His first act of kindness and generosity had been to give them a guided tour past the famous Swiss Guard, through St....

    • ASIN: B0084ROHKA
  3. The Naughty Nun - Erotic 6-pack - Explicit Erotica

    Sister Mary Immaculate began it all when she decided to liven up her confession to Father Gordon so that she could spare him the boredom she thought he must be experiencing listening to the nuns in the convent. She told him about her impure thoughts. Then the convent discovered they had been sent an errant priest from another parish who had been in a little trouble. Sister Mary Immaculate introduced Mother Superior to the solution of their problems by creating a convent in which priests with "problems" could be satisfied.SAMPLESister Mary Immaculate wasn’t at all certain that she hadn’t entered the novitiate for the simple expedient of changing her name. Born Marie Claire Murphy - after her mother’s favorite fashion magazine - she had discovered early in life that there was more to being a Murphy than met the eye. It wasn’t until she discovered “Murphy’s Law” that she understood the phrase, “What’s in a name?” Everything in Marie Claire Murphy’s life that could go wrong did go wrong. To her great dismay everything continued to go wrong after she entered the convent and changed her name.Take Father Gordon, for example. It wasn’t so much that he so often wanted to meet her in the choir’s cloak room at all hours of the night so that she could perform commu...

    • ASIN: B007RNMEHA
  4. Naughty Nuns: The Confessional

    Grace is a naughty, naughty little nun. She's tried to do the right thing and give herself to God, but the sexual temptation becomes too great when Jacob Matthews starts to attend her parish. Upon eavesdropping on his confession detailing his shocking sexual exploits, she decides to offer him her virginity in exchange for the night of unbridled passion that she's been so desperately craving!

    • ASIN: B00DOHA54W
  5. A Priest Goes Bad: Taking the Naughty Nun

    Father Matthew McMillan has traveled far down the path of sin and lust, and now there is only one thing left to do: show Sister Catherine, a naughty, sexy nun, just who exactly is in charge.

    • ASIN: B017UIZQ62
  6. Naughty Habits: The Complete Collection (Taboo Nun Erotica)

    Sister Catherine has been a nun for over a decade, and nothing has caused her to question her vows until now. When eighteen year old Alex comes to Catherine with a BIG problem, will she be able to solve it for him and resist temptation at the same time? Struggling with her doubts, Catherine decides that she needs to take matters into her own hands in this taboo tale of passion.This a bundled version of a three part series. The previously published titles are listed below:Naughty HabitsCarnal DesiresFilthy Habits

    • ASIN: B00V5KS6BY
  7. Naughty Nuns: the twins want the father back

    Twins joined at birth, mother died during it,Father serving in the Irish rangers,They grew up with their uncle, their father left their mother a long while back,The twins had a special power, they could communicate with each other without talking, through their minds,The other kids in the foster school thought they were strange and the twins were bullied,But not for long though,They grew up and did some naughty things,Their father lost his younger brother, he blamed himself,He started to drink and make mistakes, he left the army feeling abandoned,He made friends with not so friendly people,IRA recruited him,Dirty work,He ended up in prison,Went to the lord for help in the prison chapel,He converted and became the chapels father,His good work was noticed, the prisoners loved him too,Father Murphy was the connection to bring in things that were not allowed,He served his time and stayed on as the prison father, The new warden found out what was going on,He was expelled from the chapel and the prison,Michael found himself a position in a far-off church, the head padre befriended him a long time back in the prison on one of his visits,Fate played its part,The twins became nuns or go to prison or the army,Sent to a secured convent,Their father, now father Michael Murphy landed a positi...

    • ASIN: B077RCQ8XD
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