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  1. The Legend of Zelda Link Sword

    Product Includes: One toy sword and scabbard. Measurements: 26"L x 6"W x 2"D.

    • Color: One Color
    • Brand: Disguise
    • UPC: 039897857213
    • Part No: 85721
  2. Legend of Zelda Full Tang Master Sword Skyward Limited Edition Deluxe Replica

    This awesome replica sword is master crafted to a stunning finish that matches the style of the ones in your favorite video games. It features stunning details from pommel to point that are unmatched by other replicas, which give it a top-tier look and feel. The blade is crafted from 1045 high carbon steel, giving it strength and flexibility, and it features a beautiful fuller (blood groove), and etched runic writing and emblems on both sides. The hilt is comprised of a faux-leather wrapped hardwood handle which encases the full tang, and aluminum alloy fittings as the guard and pommel. The gorgeous scabbard is handmade from hardwood covered in patterned blue and gold faux-leather, with polished aluminum alloy end-caps for durability. This replica is top of the line, and is perfect for high-end cosplay and display purposes. Specifications Overall Length: Approx. 49.5 Inches Blade Length: Approx. 30.5 Inches Blade Thickness: Approx. 4mm, Tapered Blade Style: Fantasy Longsword, Video Game Replica Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel Blade Features: Laser Etched Emblems & Runes, Both Sides! Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened, Display Replica, Full Tang Tang: Full Tang, Carbon Steel Guard: Aluminum Alloy, Bronze Antiqued Finish Handle: Approx. 12.25 Inches, Wooden, Faux Leather Wrap...

    • Brand: Swordsaxe
    • ASIN: B073BMTDJX
    • Part No: SG_B073BMTDJX_US
  3. Disguise Link Shield Costume

    Product Includes: One shield. Measurements: 19"L x 15"W x 3.5"D.

    • Color: One Color
    • Brand: Disguise
    • UPC: 039897857190
    • Part No: FBA_85719
  4. Legendary Link Master Sword of Time - Real Carbon Steel Version

    Legend of Zelda Link Master Sword of Time - Real Carbon Steel Version

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: MysticalBlades
    • ASIN: B00EJS7CUK
    • UPC: 002600147772
    • Part No: JS-405
  5. Legend of Zelda FULL TANG Master Sword Skyward Limited Edition Deluxe Replica

    Limited in availability, this SHARPENED FULL TANG Zelda Master Sword replica is based on the video game Skyward Sword. The 1045 high carbon steel blade features a wide fuller and a sharp edge on both sides for Cosplay and collectible display. The 1045 high carbon steel blade is very SHARP on both sides, and fully capable of cutting through the fantasy enemies of Link. Both sides of the blade have laser printed graphics of runes and the Triforce. It is FULL TANG too! Authentic aluminum alloy is formed to make the handle guard and then finished with an anodized Bronze antique look. The hilt is made of hardwood, then wrapped in overlapping blue faux leather, with light blue cross strap wrap. The pommel is also aluminum alloy with the matching antiqued bronze finish and the most unique shape. Solid hardwood is used to match this scabbard to the sword with handsome uniqueness. Firstly, it is entirely wrapped in faux leather blue and gold. The gold wrap is embossed so it is raised above the surface, providing a three dimensional texture that doubles as a tight gripping surface. Metal fittings are used to enhance the quality of the scabbard. At the bottom is an aluminum alloy fitting that features the Triforce embellishment engraved onto both sides. Sword is OVERSIZED Specifications...

    • Brand: Top Swords
    • ASIN: B06X95YDWV
    • UPC: 703856519435
    • Part No: CH-495BL, 094BR
  6. Zelda Master Twilight Princess Link's 42" Sword All Foam

    Zelda Master Twilight Princess Link's 42" Sword All Foam

    • ASIN: B00J3ZLBME
    • UPC: 852277177967
    • Part No: G-BL016_(1)_FBA
  7. Link LARP Foam Shield & Sword

    We have replicated the fiberglass versionWe have replicated the woodenand nowfor the first time in history, we are replicating the exact Zelda Shield in Foam version. Made for the standards of the LARP (live action role play) industries, the authentic replica foam Zelda shield and sword can also be used for cosplay, conventions or just plain pretending. Grab this exciting combo deal and join the battle to eradicate evil and rescue the princess. Constructed from high quality Polyurethane foam, both the shield and sword are fashioned to look like the real deal and are so light; you can actually use them as floating devices in water. Offering high quality silk screen printing and featuring intricate details from end to end, both items are part of our Junior Warlords Collection of high quality foam padded items that are great costume pieces and perfectly safe for children- awesome products for both the young and the young at heart! More about Hylian Shield: The Hylian Shield is a large, adult-sized shield and bearing the crest of the Hylian Royal Family; a large red bird which is widely believed to be a phoenix above which sits the Triforce. The Triforce represents Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. The shield possesses two qualities that have mad...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Armory Replicas
    • ASIN: B06W9GDDWX
    • UPC: 756406934851
    • Part No: FM786-FW10036
  8. Legendary Elven Master Foam Sword

    This foam sword has seen many adventures in many different realms. This sword is the best know sword in the virtual game and is effective against most enemies. It is usually wielded with a shield counterpart. This sacred sword cannot be touched by evil. It is constructed on polyurethane foam with a 10 mm core. It is hand painted and features a popular video game symbol on the blade. Take it along on your next quest or convention to complete your favorite character costume.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Armory Replicas
    • UPC: 721815246130
    • Part No: FM1938
  9. Wolf Master Sword and Shield

    • Model: 60281
    • Color: GrayGrey
    • Size: Standard
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