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  1. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

    Catapults were first invented in Ancient Greek and Roman times, however our common idea of them is based on drawings we have from the Medieval Ages. Leonardo redesigned the catapult around 1485, and used the springlike energy stored in bent wood to give power to the swing arm.

    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: Pathfinders
    • ASIN: B00CWMXU88
    • UPC: 608938018953
    • Part No: PFD-17
  2. National Geographic - Da Vinci's DIY Science Engineering Construction Kit – Build Three Functioning Wooden Models: Catapult, Bombard Ballista

    Discover Da Vinci’s Workshop with three of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s best-selling da Vinci’s Invention Products. This kit includes 3 DIY building projects: Bombard, Catapult and Ballista. No special tools are required for you to build these three incredible inventions from Leonardo da Vinci. Everything is included in this kit: Laser-Cut Wooden Components, Rubber Bands, Sandpaper and clear, simple Instructions. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC toys is proud to provide a 100% satisfaction with all our products so that you can buy with confidence. About the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC society With a mission to inspire people to care about the Planet, the 126-year-old NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. National Geographic’s net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.

    • Brand: National Geographic
    • ASIN: B07C4KBJ1X
    • UPC: 816448024979
    • Part No: DWD-NGDAVSET3
  3. Wooden Trebuchet Kit by Oakland Ballistics

    This is a replica of a hinged counterweight trebuchet that was used during the middle ages. The details have been pared down to make this as simple as possible. Everything you need to assemble and launch is included with the kit: wood glue, bouncy ball, pre-cut and pre-drilled wood, vinyl pouch, trigger and fully illustrated instructions. With a full counterweight box of rocks, batteries, coins, or anything else you can launch the bouncy ball 30ft! Have fun launching dog treats, parachute army men, blueberries or anything else. It's a great learning experience with its hands on building and simple but in-depth physics. This kit has won science fairs, been used for summer camps and after school programs, featured in "Best of" shopping magazines, in-class demonstrations and more. It's fully adjustable release pin makes it the most customizable mini trebuchet for sale. Use it to learn about medieval siege weapons, physics or to destroy your building block castle.

    • Brand: Oakland Ballistics
    • ASIN: B004080576
    • UPC: 699687083026
    • Part No: 001
  4. Pathfinders Roman Catapult Model Kit

    Pathfinders is dedicated to creating compelling, innovative, wooden science kits and models that challenge children of all ages to explore the link between science, design, and technology in the world around us. We are an environmentally friendly company and use recyclable materials, natural, untreated wood, and local resources and production as much as possible. This catapult re-creates the way in which tension powered siege engines worked and can fire small clay balls (included) and other soft projectiles - over 15 feet!

    • Brand: Pathfinders
    • ASIN: B07BB3KY86
    • UPC: 615872472888
    • Part No: Catapult
  5. Thames & Kosmos Catapults & Crossbows Science Kit

    It's time to get medieval on physics! Build ten sleek and updated models of catapults and crossbows. These classic siege weapons from the middle ages also happen to be great tools for teaching physics, including lessons in force, energy, motion, and projectiles. A crossbow is a medieval type of weapon based on a bow and arrow, in which the bow is mounted horizontally on a stock. Build and experiment with five different types of crossbows. The projectile, called the bolt, has a safe foam tip and a special cross-section that prevents other projectiles from being launched. When the bolt is loaded into the crossbow, a rubber band is pulled backward and energy is stored in the stretched rubber band. A trigger releases the bolt and the rubber band launches it through the air toward its target. A catapult is another medieval ballistic device that uses mechanical rubber bands and counterweights to fling projectiles into the air. The 32-page, full-color manual has illustrated step-by-step instructions.

    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • UPC: 814743012073
    • Part No: 665107
  6. Pathfinders Medieval Catapult Wooden Kit

    Just add glue, scissors and an appreciation for the physics and art behind these medieval siege engines. High-quality models hurl a small ball more than 15 feet in 1 throw, with adjustable pads that change the trajectory angle and encourage experimentation for greater accuracy. Pre-cut, pre-drilled solid wood pieces are easy to assemble; models can be build in about 1 to 2 hours.

    • Brand: Pathfinders
    • ASIN: B000L7EGMA
    • UPC: 094922617170
    • Part No: PFC01
  7. Boy Craft Catapult Wars by Horizon Group USA

    With this Boy Craft Catapult Wars Game, you and a friend can build your own catapults and decorate them, then take turns knocking down your opponents targets. This kids catapult allows you to engage in head-to-head combat. The build-your-own catapult set includes 18 wooden pieces, four wooden dowels, two rubber bands, eight mini sand bags, two braided ropes, one sticker sheet, one glue tube, two punch-out target sheets, two foam blocks and easy-to-follow instructions, giving you everything you need to successfully build 2 complete catapults. With this Boy Craft Catapult Wars Game, you can have fun putting together all the pieces and aiming at your opponents targets. Makes a great gift for anyone and it is perfect as a solo project or as a group activity for birthday parties, sleepovers and any other fun get-togethers.

    • Color: Basic Pack
    • Brand: Boy Craft
    • ASIN: B007BTTDSI
    • UPC: 885565822614
    • Part No: 765940270165
  8. Catapult Kit - Build Your Own Wooden Mini Medieval Warfare Kit - With 18 Foot Range

    Catapult Kit - Build Your Own Wooden Mini Medieval Warfare KitCreated by the ancient Greeks as artillery to increase the range of their attacks, the catapult became a mainstay on the ancient battlefield. ABONG's engineers have constructed this miniature replica to make learning and building catapults fun and easy! This set comes with everything you need (excepting wood glue) to build a functional replica of a Roman era catapult. This replica is 8" long and 6" tall and can hurl it's shells over 18 feet! The detailed colored instructions are easy to read and allow you and your child to have fun building and playing with this well constructed replica.This type of catapult, commonly referred to as an "onager," was a staple as part of the Roman siege warfare equipment. Twisted ropes could create enough torque to launch rocks and debris long distances at enemy troops or fortresses.This ABONG catapult kit helps make construction and education fun. You'll be amazed at the high level of detail and the high quality of this catapult. This set includes:-Laser cut hardwood frame-Wheels and axles-High strength cordage-All required hardware-Wooden ammo-Detailed full color instructions

    • Brand: Abong
    • ASIN: B001K74SHS
    • UPC: 798304009521
    • Part No: Catapult
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